Yoga classes

Sarah offers a variety of yoga experiences for all ages and abilities, and offered in group or private one on one and online (zoom).

All classes at Breathe Yoga Space are designed from a trauma-sensitive foundation with the focus being to calm the nervous system and to explore the practice of yoga & meditation for emotional self-regulation and healing.




SUNRISE YOGA  6 – 7  am  PALMWOODS CWA HALL – 11 Main St Palmwoods

Forest Glen 

 THERAPEUTIC YOGA (5 WEEK COURSE)   ~8am – 9am  FRESH HOLISTIC HEALTH  330 Mons rd Forest Glen 


CHAIR YOGA for All ABILITIES – 10 – 11 am

MILLWELL RD COMMUNITY CENTRE  11 Millwell rd East, Maroochydore

(This class is a Sunshine Coast Council Healthy Lifestyle Activity)

$10/$5 with concession – Registrations through Sunshine Coast Council

Cash at door or book below



See Yoga Therapy page for details



ACTIVE CHAIR YOGA – 9:30 – 10: 45 am

NAMBOUR YOGA CENTRE 65 Currie st Nambour

Sunrise Yoga Vinyasa Flow

The Sanskrit meaning of the word Vinyasa means “to place in a special way.”

This class is a Vinyasa style that connects postures together, as we move seamlessly in a flow, connecting breath and movement to bring a settling of the mind and ease to the body. Beginning with gentle movement to warm the body, the flow builds to more dynamic movements to build strength and stability. The inhalation is usually connected to upward, open expansive movements, while exhalation invites downward movements, settling into asanas (shapes). With time for exploring and modifications this flow can be adapted to all levels.

Active Chair Yoga

Active Chair Yoga is a class for anyone recovering from injury, new to yoga, or who may find balance and stability challenging without support. In this gentle class, we incorporate various seated, lying down, and standing postures, with and without a chair, to build strength and stability whilst increasing our range of movement in the body. Gentle flowing Chi Kung movements and mindful breathing, bring a sense of inner calm and peace to both body and mind.

NB Students are encouraged to take agency over their practice, and staying seated for the whole class is welcome.

GentleTherapeutic Yoga For All

Accessible yoga is for everybody regardless of body type, age, flexibility, or physical capability. This class is unique in that everyone in the class can be practising different variations on the same posture or sequence to suit your individual needs. We offer the use of props such as chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, and yoga straps so that everyone is able to  experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga. The emphasis is on empowering and supporting you on your own healing journey.

Mindful Slow Flow

Mindful Slow flow yoga is a slower form of Vinyasa. This class is a gentle mindful flow incorporating traditional yoga, Chi Kung movement, and focused mindful breathing. This class invites us to practice slowing down and moving with more awareness, balance, and grace. The emphasis is on internal awareness while moving and transitioning with the breath, gently opening the body, and developing more strength, stability, flexibility. Suitable for beginners and advanced yogis wishing to bring a slower pace to their practice.

Each class ends with a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra.


Hatha yoga integrates Prana (breath or life force), Asana (yoga postures) and meditation, energising and strengthening both the body and the mind. In this class, we explore movement and breath as we move through more traditional seated, standing, and balancing postures. Postures are held for longer to cultivate strength and stability in both the mind and body. As with all the classes at Breathe Yoga Space, modifications are always offered so whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, there is something in this class for everyone.


Yin and Yang are Taoist concepts which describe the two qualities present in everything. Light and Dark, Sun and Moon, warm and cool, active, and passive. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward while Yin is the more internal, passive, cooling and downward. The blend of Yin and Yang is wonderful for those who find settling into long holds of traditional Yin challenging.

In VinYin we bring together the dynamic Yang flow of Vinyasa with the benefits of passively holding yoga poses of Yin. For this class we begin with 30 mins of Vinyasa flow which works on the (Yang) muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility and then slow down to 30 mins of Yin practice, where poses are passively held for longer. This works on the deep, dense (Yin) connective tissues and joints in the body.
Definitely a class to float out of.

Community/Workplace/Private Classes

On demand classes for community settings, workplaces, schools, retirement villages OR private 1:1 or small group classes at your place of residence

All we need is space to move and chairs (if for Chair or Accessible Yoga).  All other props are supplied, and classes can be tailored to your groups needs and interests.

I am trained and experienced in facilitating classes for clients with a range of ages from school children to seniors as well as physical and emotional needs. (See “About” page for my credentials). I have current public liability insurance; blue card (for working with children), First Aid and CPR.

Please reach out here if you are interested in group or private sessions.