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About Sarah
My yoga journey was not a pivotal life changing moment, but rather a gradual transition, where I learned how to ‘breathe’ and how to ‘feel.’
Learning how to breathe has been a felt sense of settling into my body, riding the gentle ebb and flow of my breath as the muscles relaxed and the tension released. It was then I realised my journey was not about controlling…it was about allowing.
Early in my adult life I spent many years travelling the globe, living life on a shoestring and in constant awe of the ever-changing cultures and landscapes that were so different from my own.
Starting a family in the early nineties brought me to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in QLD, where I am currently blessed to share life with my precious blended family; all beautiful souls in their own unique ways, including my loving partner who both challenges and supports me each and every day in my journey towards the fullness of who I truly am.

I am...

A forever yoga and life student;
              A passionate, experienced yoga teacher,    Yoga  Therapist and Enneagram facilitator.
A mature, and still on my journey to find myself woman.

The Nitty Gritty
A registered primary teacher for many years, I often found that it was the parents that needed my compassion and support as they traversed the rocky cliffs of parenthood. That realisation propelled me into my studies in Counselling, Art Therapy and the Enneagram in the Narrative tradition. People process thoughts and emotions in different ways and I felt I needed different modalities to help heal and make sense of the world.
As yoga became central to my life, I travelled to India to train in Hatha Yoga, with the idea of deepening my knowledge rather than to teach. As the universe would have it, no sooner was I back in Australia than I was asked to teach classes, and so this new journey began.

I went on to train in Power Yoga with Zenko Yoga, and immersed myself in further training for Restorative, Yin, Somatic yoga and Meditation. But yoga is not a one size fits all and I further trained in Yoga for Grown-ups and Chair Yoga with Maria Kirsten, Teaching Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Body Image with Sarah Ball and Yoga for Mental Health with Dr Lauren Tober. 

 2022 saw me complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy with The Yoga Therapy Institute of Australia, study Yoga for (dis) Ability with Lisa Bidgood of the Prana Room and Yoga for Autism with Tracy Gray (Yoga Therapy Institute).

The more I embody the practice of yoga and the Enneagram and the more I observe others and how they each lean into their own practice of self discovery the more I understand the nuances of unity of mind, body, soul.

There is a reason yoga is called a practice. It becomes a personal and intimate relationship with yourself, and like any relationship we fall in and out of love with it until it becomes a part of you.