Breathe Yoga Space and Therapy
welcomes you, just as you are.

Offering inclusive and accessible yoga to find peace,meaning and space within yourselves

4 week Beginners Yoga Workshop 

Begins March 4
Bli Bli - Aktivliving Studio
Each Saturday in March ~ 4-25th
11:00 - 12:15 pm
Breathe Yoga Space welcomes you, just as you are.

To guide and support you to find peace, meaning and the space within yourselves to grow.

Breathe. It is the first thing we do when we come into this world and the last thing we do when we leave.
Yoga. Derived from the Sanskrit word to ‘yoke’ or unite… to create union between body, mind, and spirit.
Space. We find it in between each inhalation and exhalation… We experience it as we lengthen through our spine and expand through our chest, limbs, and lungs….. We create it by quietening the thoughts and bringing our awareness within.

Yoga Timetable

            For all ages and abilities


Yoga Therapy

             Transform your health


Workshops and Events

Saturday July 1


Yoga is the journey of the self,
through the self to the self.

The Bhagavat Gita

Meet Sarah
My yoga journey was not a pivotal life changing moment, but rather a gradual transition, where I learned how to ‘breathe’ and how to ‘feel.’

Learning how to breathe has been a felt sense of settling into my body, riding the gentle ebb and flow of my breath as the muscles relaxed and the tension released. It was then I realised my journey was not about controlling…it was about allowing.